Occupation: Jedi/Housewife
Midiclorian Count: 9452 midiclorians
Light Saber Color: Teal/ Aqua Marine
Eye Color: Ocean Sea Blue
Hair Color: Fire Toned Red/ Auburn

I was born on the day of Naboos Liberation from the Trade Federation in 32 BBY. I was raised in the Jedi Temple until Order 66 happened. I survived by hiding in the Jedi Archives room using a technique called Force cloaking. After the 501st and Lord Darth Vader left the Jedi Temple. I slipped out and left into the Orange District on Coruscant. I lived there in and out of the streets for many months until I was captured and thrown into an Imperial Prision by the Imperial Officers.

I stayed in the Imperial Prision for a long time. I was placed into servanthood by an Imperial Officer. The Family that aquired me had me for many years. I went from there to Lord Vader and Lady Zoria. I was then placed into the custody of Lady Ren Palpatine and Lord Vader. Lady Ren and Lord Vader released me.

I then met Sith Lord Myyntax Cooran, He and I married and I conceived twins. Right before the Twins were born, Lord Myyntax was killed in a tragic accident. A few weeks later I gave birth to Varas and Nayva. I raised Nayva and Varas on my own until I was re-arrested and placed back into Imperial Prision by Emperor Sith Lord Palpatine. While I was in the Imperial Prision my children were being raised and protected by a few Jedi friends of mine.

In the Prision, through the Force I met Verminious Dravenwolf. He bravely attempted to rescue me many attempts. I felt Verminious was very brave for making attempts to rescuing me. Emperor Palpatine after growing tired of having me, sold me to a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter then sold me to a family that had me legally declaired a free woman. I was reunited to my children and Verminious.

Verminious and I married very shortly after my freedom, and now He and I are together planning on having more younglings, along with my twins.

The guardian of peace and justice in the galaxy.
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The Guardian of Peace and Justice in the Galaxy