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Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith. The Black Knight.

Taken in and trained from the Jedi Order as a small boy, I thought the Jedi were good, and had the interests of the many in mind, but as I got older, I learned how wrong I was. I found the love of my life on Naboo and lost my family on Tatooine to the Tusken Raiders. My anger and lust for power kept me strong and that was taken on by Chancellor Palpatine, who was also the first to reveal the errors in the Jedi way. Palpatine told me the Jedi planned to betray him, but I didn't believe him and found out he was the Sith Lord we had been hunting, Darth Sidious. After telling Mace Windu about Palpatine's true identity, he went with three other Jedi to capture Palpatine and I happened to walk in just before Windu went to strike down my mentor. I quickly pulled my blade and sliced off Windu's hand and watched as Palpatine shocked one of my former Jedi Masters out the window to his death. I knelt before him and was christened Darth Vader. He sent me to the Jedi Temple where I, along with a legion of Clones, slaughtered the Jedi Order while Palpatine issued Order 66 to the Clones across the Galaxy. After completion, I went to Mustafar and slaughtered the Separatist leaders single handedly. All but two Jedi survived Order 66: Yoda and Obi-Wan. They recalibrated the coded message I sent to call back the Jedi to the Temple and found out what I had done. Kenobi went to my wife, Padme Amidala and tried to find out where I was, but failed until he snuck onto her ship where she went to find me. When I saw her, a new person had stepped out. Her mind had been poisoned by the Jedi and caused me to bring about the one thing I feared. I then tried to get my former friend to join me, but he was too caught up in the Jedi way. He could not see what the power of the dark side could do for someone. The two of us engaged in combat until we came to the planet's surface across the sea of lava. Kenobi was overconfident in his ability and because he had the high ground. I leaped over him and stabbed him in the back, kicking his corpse toward the molten sea. Then, sensing my Sith master's presence, I met up with him where he presented me with a new weapon. I took the weapon, turned to examine it, then tossed it in the air, ignited it and stabbed my master in the chest claiming the Galaxy for my own. I now rule the Galaxy on my own.