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Dark Lady of the Sith

Darth Crucia, apprentice to Lord Cthonic; a zabrak born Meeca Sora twenty-one years ago. Her birth parents and planet are a mystery even to her. She was given to the Jedi Order when she was a baby. At the tender of seven, the Jedi council sent her and her Jedi Master to the planet Asmeru to study the ancient ruins there. In addition, there were rumors that there might be a Sith Lord somewhere in the Senex sector who was trying to gather more Sith to create a clan together. Despite the fact that the planet and the sector had an affliation with the Galactic Republic. Once there, they faced Lord Cthonic who overpowered the Jedi Master, making him suffer a fate worse then death by eating his brain. Looking over at his young frighten yet angry Padawan, he saw the potential of making her his apprentice.

Lady Crucia wears a full battle armor the same as her Master. Rarely does she take off her helmet, her face is white with two red lines down her eyes; starting above her eyebrows and ending just below her eye. With her red eyes and horns on her head gives her a cold, harsh look if one ever looks at her.
She rides a dark dragon like her Master but will ride anything her Master rides. Although much to his dislike, she loves to ride her speeder from time to time.

The beauty of Lady Crucia is her love of learning, however, her lack of patience does run her into trouble from time to time. Since, she then choosen to join the House of Kriea, and under the teachings of Lord Noctem, she has risen through the ranks and now runs the Brotherhood of the Sith with Darth Phularcos.