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The Dark Lord; embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, and originality.

Letumus vorn Mortung, the Dark Lord of destruction and rebirth. Universe-wide known scientist, metallurgist, force user, martial arts master and force object investigator and collector. Leader of the Mortung Empire and the owner of all that comes with, alongside my personal garden of creatures from all across the galaxy, the Garden of Edon.

I am neither Sith or Jedi, but I deffinetly am not also grey jedi. I walk my own path, written in blood and countless slashes of the sword.

I am the last man standing of the vorn Mortung bloodline. I spent my youth and early adulthood pratricing the secrets of the Force and combat in an underground dojo, seeking enlightement by fighting in none other but, indeed, the "Way of the Enlightened". This way, I learned the very secrets of nearly all known "grey" Force powers and, mastering the psychical, combat side of the Way of the Enlightened I, truly, becase a martial arts master like no other. Seeing the corruption of the world, however, I saw that would I ever want to create a better world, that was not the way, and ultimately, I seeked the help of an ancient Sith holocron, which granted me nearly all of my knowledge of the Darkside.