[1]Yemaja Mlise Lah (Courtesy Ms Selita Ebanks) Name: Yemaja Mlise (Yem-my-yah Mel-leese) Lah

Nickname: Yemmy

Species: ½ Yuuzhan Vong – ½ Human Hybrid

Age: 0-200 in human years

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Violet Irises with biolumin

The Passionate Senator

escence rod-retinal cells

Hair Color: Multi-Tonal Black Brown

Skin color: Grayish-Brown

Height: 5-8 Ft

Weight: 120 lbs

Distinguishing Features:

  • Pain tolerance–feels physical pain, fails to respond to it, but emotional pain is overwhelming.
  • Variegated Force Powers — Epigenetic Mutations in the MidiChlorians
  • Has a double-coordinating ion of Fe-Cd-Cytochrome P450 (lymph node, liver, muscle, heart and brain) in the mitochondrial midchlorian complex causing robust Force powers, but highly unstable.
  • Easily goes into seizures under duress or overwhelming Force powers – such as Force Travel and Wormhole.
  • Proclivity to Force Tantra and Compassion but exacerbated by her Histrionic Personality Disorder.

Dominate Hand: Right [2]Yemaja Mlise Lah (Courtesy Ms Selita Ebanks)

  • Brown-black hair color like her father’s who is Yuuzhan Vong Warrior Commander Zhat Lah, has a white-streak (birthmark) in her hair.
  • Extremely bushy like her mother’s who is a Human Padawan Korunnai Jedi padawan Auset Lah, but too fine to keep braided.
  • Her skull features are pronounced with the wide set of her eyes and high cheek bones.
  • Her eyes glowed amethyst in the dark.
  • She was pain tolerant.
  • She wanted many permanent adornments, i.e. piercings and tattooes on her body, and while she had some piercings, she was restricted by her mother to hid the secret of her biracial or bi-species heritage and maintain her Korunnai social class to not have them.

Faction: Galactic Senate by 22 BBY

Rank: Caretaker for Yukatan’tar “True Way” Faith Center on the Isle Sanctuary on Haruun Kal, and duly elected Galactic and Imperial Senator for Haruun Kal

Force Sensitive: Yes, Variegated Force Powers – midichlorians are not in all her cells.

  • Strength: 6/10, Force-Intuitive, Pain Tolerant, Force Travel, Some Force Lightening, Force Seduction
  • Dexterity: 5/10, Only uses right hand
  • Constitution: 3/10, Physically, strong, but mentally-emotionally conflicted what would be called histrionic personality disorder coupled with major depression
  • Intelligence: 9/10, Highly intelligent due to Force-Intuitiveness, very good negotiation skills
  • Wisdom: 5/10, Unable to learn the consequences of her actions
  • Charisma: 9/10 Due to the histrionic personality disorder, she was very sociable with males and often was seen as lascivious and chronic discordant relationships


  • Kind, combative, seductive, beautiful and diplomatic.
  • Suffers from histrionic personality disorder as characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and inappropriate seductiveness, usually beginning in early adulthood.
  • Lively, dramatic, enthusiastic, and flirtatious.
  • Engages in risk taking behaviors that lead to discordant relationships with poor choices, such as inappropriately forming a Force Bond with her pursuant. When she realizes her fallacies she suffers from major depression and has had unwanted pregnancies.
  • These problems lead her to enhanced Force responses such as Force Travel, which causes her seizures due to her odd connection to the Force.
  • Can become despondent and starts to ideate harming herself.

Strengths and Weaknesses: High affinity to all sea life and the ocean. Able to telekinetically move water at her will. Great breath control underneath the water much longer than humans and some Yuuzhan Vong without a gnullith. Many clandestine and discordant relationships with male humanoids, particularly Sith. Spice addiction and abuse codependency/enabler.

Skills: Adept to understanding communication styles and languages through socialization in civilizations making her an excellent diplomat and negotiator. She promoted commerce and cultural exchanges. She was excellent community service organizer, government project planner, lobbyist and politician. [3]Force Wormhole Force Powers: Force Intuitive, Force Travel, Force Lightening, passes Force Sensitivity to her progeny with extraordinary Force powers due to the nonsynomynous single nucleotide polymorphism causing an alternative RNA splice variant in the mitochondrial midicholrian complexes Force Powers relay. Strong affinity to the ocean. Has innate Vongsense and Force Severance with minimal side effects. Forms emotional Force Bonds too easily. Is variegated in Force Powers, not all her cells have functional midichlorians complexes.

Detailed History: Yemaja Mlise Lah is one of the few Yuuzhan Vong-Human Force-Sensitive hybrids. She had a strong connection with ocean and sea creatures in nature and The Force. She had an innate “Vongsense” – which causes her to become mentally ill and would not be practiced for centuries, long after her death…

Yemaja had two coordinating ion cytochrome P450s in her mitochondrial midichlorian complex giving her extraordinary Force powers albeit very unstable. Then not all her cells have functional midichlorians making her have variegated Force Powers.

Due to the Yuuzhan Vong culture, she wanted many adornments on her body from tattoos to piercings, and while she did have some piercings, her mother restricted her from getting more of them because her Korunnai social class forbade it. She had a strong affinity to all organisms in the ocean, rarely did she departed from the water. Her Force powers allowed her to envelop the storm and manipulate it. She loved the colors blue, purple, beige, and corals, which suited her coastal home on the Isle Sanctuary. [4]Auset Lah Her mother, Auset Lah did NOT permit Yemaja to become a Jedi, but decided to send her to the diplomacy-governing leadership programs and camps. Yemaja excelled in those programs and was a great community organizer, a fervent debater for sentient beings’ rights and became a peacemaker among the sentient beings. She was underwent some rites of passages at the temple and became a Caretaker for the Yukatan’tar “True Way” Faith Center on Isle Sanctuary of Haruun Kal. Then she became a Senator and diplomat to the Galactic Senate on Coruscant—possibly a puppet position crafted by the Priest Caste, of the Deception Sect and the Indentent Caste of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire under Supreme Overload.

Sadly, due to many inherited and social determinants of health, Yemaja suffered from histrionic personality disorder and major depression. She often formed strong Force Bonds and discordant relationships with destructive men (sexually abusive) or unavailable men (married or committed), and women—whom she often blatantly hurt. Once she realized the falsity of her relationships it caused her to spirally down into a depression, which resulted in a hidden self-wounding infliction. During her legislative youth camps, the counselors reported to her mother that she was going beyond appropriate sexual behavior for her age. [5]Commander Zhat Lah At 12 years old, Yemaja became pregnant. Fearing Yemaja would live a reprisal of Auset’s own life, she made Yemaja terminate her pregnancy. Yemaja’s father, Yuuzhan Vong Commander Zhat Lah found out what happened, and demanded Auset get Yemaja sterilized by the Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper Caste. Auset did not comply with that order because she knew her daughter might choose to have a family one day. Auset decided to put Yemaja on a contraceptive long-acting chip (~10 years), which was against the “True Way” Faith.

After her completion of Caretaker training, it was orchestrated that Yemaja would be nominated for the planet Haruun Kal’s next Galactic Senator. It was a political move for the Yuuzhan Vong Empire political machine to influence the Senate. Yemaja had a landslide victory based on her mother’s story of vindication and alienation from the Haruun Kal Korunnai and Jedi Order years ago. She eventually became a part of the diplomatic corps in negotiating and lobbying for the Trade Routes and Guilds. She then reasoned that she was more powerful using her sexuality as a tool for her political prowess. Humanoids often would fall prey to her wiles on her ship or her opulent apartment, which masked itself as an Adult Club on Coruscant in the “Pleasure Dome”. Her knowledge of the ocean combined with potent aphrodisiacs often sexually and explicitly manipulated her positions making her very powerful. But the Adult Club was a front by the Yuuzhan Vong to launder their funds into the InterGalactic Banking Clan during the Clone Wars.

In 22 BBY she was “Inaugurated” into the Senate at what looked like 18 years old. Her inauguration looked more like a “Coronation”. Even the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was shocked by the conspicuous consumptive display that was during the Clone Wars. But he was quite bemused by the event because he sensed her uniquely odd Force Powers that he could use to rally to his cause. There were also many Jedi in attendance were completely enthralled by the display, such as Kento Marek and his family, General Rahm Kota, Master Quinlan Vos and Master Mace Windu. There were a few skeptical Jedi that were not certain what they sensed in her, such as Grand Master Yoda and Master Obi Wan Kenobi. Jedi Anakin Skywalker was amazed by the display while his secret wife, Senator Padme Amidala scorned him oogling Yemaja Lah during her entrance. It was not due to jealousy, more do to the possible psychotropic changes that were being induced on most of the participants in the crowd.

When Yemaja met the Korunnai Master Jedi, named Mace Windu at the Galactic Senate building, she became immediately smitten by him and attempted to entice him into a clandestine relationship. Oblivious, he rebuffed her advances. When she investigated him she determined that he strongly adhered to the “Jedi Code”, one of which forbade attachments. Upon speaking to her mother regarding her love interest in him, she was immediately chided. Her mother said that if she pursued this relationship, she would contact her father who would enslave her as a “Shamed One”. Due to their antagonistic relationship, she had a falling out with her mother and their relationship became estranged. She also did not care what her father did, so then she gunned for Mace Windu finding his Ghosh and Doshallai. She introduced herself to all his major family members who told her that they voted for her and were her great supporters of her, and they embraced her as nidosh–adopted. She discovered that Mace Windu and Kar Vastor were the “only known remaining members of the ghôsh by 21 BBY”.

By early 21 BBY, the Windu ghosh lost several huge family members in the “Summertime War on Haruun Kal”. Moreover, this war became a proxy between the Republic and Separatists Forces. Interestingly, none of the battles affected the Yukatan’tar Isle Sanctuary due to the “Force-Absence” of the Yuuzhan Vong. It was when the Windu ghosh’s matriarch died, a life remembrance celebration was held, and Yemaja saw Mace again. He told her that was grateful she maintained his family bonds during the war and this event. Devastated by the loss of his matriarch, it was his grief that caused him to violate the Jedi Code, and he collapsed in her arms.

She took him to the Isle Sanctuary where he could lessen his grief and for a few days he could find healing before he had to return to Coruscant. They had a tryst at the Isle Sanctuary. A month later she determined that she was carrying his daughter. He was never informed and she became aloof. She inevitably gave birth and became apathetic to the needs of her newborn, who she named Osun’oya. [6]Mace's Fall (Matt Busch Art) Embarrassed, Yemaja learned that her father sent a communiqué expecting her to come to the Koros Strohna Domain Lah and live as a “Shamed One”. Since she loathed her Yuuzhan Vong heritage, she carefully left her child with her mother’s attendants and stayed at the Coruscanti Pleasure Dome residence… When she got the courage to tell the Jedi Master Mace Windu, it was too late and he allegedly died in a “Jedi Coup” against the Galactic Empire.

Several years later Yemaja looked like she was in her mid-20’s when she met Edwre Redwine who was a Dark Side Force User turned Bounty Hunter who only wanted her money. She had clandestine relationship with him and became pregnant. It was determined that Edwre’s son was very Dark Sided, some would say born Sith. He had the ability to fire Force Lightening before birth and possess Yemaja into evil deeds or amplify her dangerous Force Powers, such as Force Travel. At the time of their induced C-section at the Yukatan’tar Isle Sanctuary on Haruun Kal in Master Shaper Mezhan Kwaad’s Damutek, the birth of Wardean Redwine Tohil (Yuuzhan Vong given surname). The birth was violent and almost killed Yemaja. But by the clever manipulations of Mezhan Kwaad’s Master Shaper hand, Yemaja was saved. However, the birth of Wardean caused a rupture in the very fabric of the Force calling and compelling all Dark Side users to seek Wardean.

Darth Sidious knew he could have the boy for his needs to create a Sith Empire secretively as a Mage. He kidnapped Yemaja and her son on Coruscant by destroying her club and imprisoning them on the Death Star – an abomination by Yuuzhan Vong standards. When the Death Star destroyed Despayre, the hidden Yuuzhan Vong ships, called Yorik Strohnas saw the destruction, which reignited their utter hatred for metal-technology and ecological destruction. Her rescue by the Yuuzhan Vong fleet unleashed the Dread Weapons to eat through the hull of the Death Star with a squad of Warriors and they safely brought her back to the Isle Sanctuary on Haruun Kal. [7]Lord Galen Marek Starkiller Through strong Force Confusion, Edwre Redwine was influenced by the Sith to give his child to them for training. He was picked up by a powerful clone who was soon to be Sith Lord, code name Starkiller, who went by Galen Marek.

The Yuuzhan Vong strongly believed that taking any crecheling from the mother is vehemently sacriligious. All Castes of Yuuzhan Vong will fight to the death to protect their children. But Auset and Yemaja sensed worse by this new Sith Lord Starkiller and that he would murder the baby Warden per the directives of ancient Sith Lords, and Lord Sidious.

They desired more, they desired Yemaja’s Force Power that can bring forth the seed of born Sith, with what they would call the “Army of Born Sith’ari”. Children never having to be seduced, never having to be coerced to join the Dark Side of the Force, willing without question, truly devoted to the Sith. They decided to send Starkiller to woo Yemaja and kidnap her to Ithor and through Yuuzhan Vong biots, Kaminoan biotechnology and in vitro fertilization techniques she would bare unlimited number of Sith fetuses to be encased in stolen Yuuzhan Vong and basterdized Sithspawn hybrid after their births… In fact, some of the fetuses could be possessed by past great Sith Lords, like Lord Ragnos, Lord Exun Kar, Lord Naga Sadow and Darth Bane. [8]ONIMI - Shadow Emperor Interestingly, at the time, Supreme Overlord Shimrra and Shamed One Onimi of the Yuuzhan Vong desired the Sith Fetuses for their new Yuuzhan Vong biots. In historical records, five hundred years ago in the intergalactic Void between Galaxies, a graveyard was found containing a Star Forge core created by the Rakatan Infinite Empire. It can drain the energy from stars to cause a supernova. Immediately the large biots: Dhuryams, Yammosks, Dovin Basals and Villips had very strong affinities and grew rapidly on the Star Forge cores creating a nacre gooey substance. That gooey substance was low level sentient and would serve in any capacity is was trained to do, and individuals with Force Powers could activate the Star Forge cores but they needed to be devoutly part of the Dark Side to fly the ship. Since, the Yuuzhan Vong could only catch and break Jedi, and were unable to “catch” a Dark Side Force User, such as Sith, when Senator Yemaja gave birth to a Sith child, it was deemed as their opportune time to support the Starkiller-Yemaja breeding program .

The Yuuzhan Vong found that the metal parts of the core were non-essential and could be reconstructed with Tall Yar (Cognition Hood) biots fitted for Dark Sided Force Users. Yemaja was not Dark Sided and her Force Powers were unstable. But all her children from Sith men were. So in a private villip communication, Supreme Overlord Shimrra and Shamed One Onimi ordered Yemaja to be kidnapped by Starkiller so that during the Yuuzhan Vong rescue, all her fetuses would be brought to the Worldship for immediate shaping. But Yemaja told Starkiller what was to happen which would prematurely bring war to between the Sith and the Yuuzhan Vong. Starkiller abducted her to Ithor Research Facility. While they were in the uterus, their Force Sentience burned down the Emperor’s entire acre Bafforr Tree Orchard and killed a squad of Stormtroopers. After seeing their destruction, Starkiller forced Yemaja to give birth to their three sons who are called the Sith Serebus. While their birth was not as violent, due to Starkiller being present, they powers to manipulate Force Blind or Weak adults was quite strong.

The power the Starkiller saw in Yemaja and the subsequent suffering caused both of them to develop a Force Bond that they did not realize would happen. Yemaja calmed Starkiller’s haunted memories of his cloned brothers. Starkiller eased her unstable Force seizures. When Yemaja attempted suicide, the Force Traveled to the Maw. The Mindwalker tormented her for her powers in the Force. She was unable to sever herself from her Force Connection, there was on spirit that consoled her, which was Starkiller’s original template’s mother, Mallie Marek who was in the Lake of Apparitions. She told her not to give up and that she would find her son and any of her clones to help them to get beyond these Force tormentors. When she spoke to Lord Starkiller, his mother was so distraught about the loss of Yemaja that with disbelief, he flew into the Maw unprepared and found her and took her back to Ithor. It was at that point he committed himself to her as her protector for as long as he lived. They conceived a daughter. [9]Malle Kyule Marek This particular pregnancy was very easy for Yemaja, she barely gave any fuss. She was not “Force Sentient” like her brothers. She was rather quiet. Yemaja feared that she was Light Sided and would be discarded. But their daughter’s powers were as strong as her brothers, she just chose when to use them with little fear. This occurred before her birth. In Lord Starkiller’s heart, he knew that is was proper to have his daughter born in a serene environment for the stability of his family, so he took Yemaja back to the Isle Sanctuary on Haruun Kal and allowed her to stay until giving birth.

But Yemaja was determined to kill the child. When he discovered that Yemaja was taking the spice derivative, Agriligand RU597 to spontaneous abort the child, he came to the Isle Sanctuary and fought the few warriors there while bombarding the Isle Sanctuary. When he got to Yemaja, she took an Amphistaff, a snake like weapon with poison and impaled her womb. It appeared to him that she just killed his daughter, which destroyed him, emotionally. However, it was all a ruse by the Yuuzhan Vong to take Mallie Marek for their needs. Later, by some unknown channels, he was told that Yemaja was going to give birth to his daughter, he raced to Haruun Kal for the birthing ritual, naming and birth rights to his daughter that were rightfully his. Together, Starkiller helped Yemaja bring birth to their daughter, that they aptly named Mallie Marek, in honor of his original template’s mother. [10]Galen'tza and Yemaja Because of this heresy, the entire Isle Sanctuary Domain Lah clan was ousted from Haruun Kal. To protect Senator Yemaja and his daughter, Mallie, inherently protecting Auset, her children and Osun’oya Lah (Windu), Lord Starkiller decided to marry Senator Yemaja in a private ceremony on Corellia. Eventually Yemaja’s mother Auset, her children and Osun’oya Lah (Windu), moved to the planet Sembla to start a new seed for the True Way Faith that they sensed was a prophecy, called the Yu’shaa JEEDAI as “Seed Saviors”. Unfortuately, Senator Yemaja was just the doorway to the that process called the “Voorbode” and she rarely visited the planet Sembla.

The story continues…

Yemaja Mlise Lah’s children are:

  • Daughter Osun’oya Lah (Windu)
  • Son Wardean Redwine Tohil (killed)
  • Sons Sith Serebus – Sarnvara, Vestis and Leonard in cryococoon
  • Daughter Mallie Kyule Marek